December 2012

  • Ultrasonic Metal Welding Foils to Tabs for Li-Ion Battery Cells
  • Cadex Electronics, Inc.
  • Bloggers Wanted – Battery Power
  • Microchip Launches 8-bit Microcontrollers with Integrated Configurable Logic in 6- to 20-pin Packages
  • GS Battery (USA) Inc. Introduces a Hybrid Energy System
  • ZMDI Releases a Smart Charger for Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • Toshiba Launches High-Current Output Chipset for Free Positioning Wireless Charging
  • New AS8515 from ams Provides Integrated Solution for Automotive Battery Sensing
  • Nissan Celebrates Two Years of LEAF Sales with Announcement of US Battery Plant
  • Thin-Film Batteries for Miniature Gadgets Set for Phenomenal Growth

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