TUV Rheinland Becomes Sole WPC Authorized Qi Testing Lab in Mainland China

In September, the 34th Conference of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), held in Qingdao, formally recognized TUV Rheinland Shenzhen as a WPC-authorized Qi testing lab. As the only authorized Qi testing lab in mainland China, TUV Rheinland Shenzhen will be able to provide electronics manufacturers or brands in China with more convenient and efficient service.

Myriad types of mobile electronic devices now provide people with a rich and colorful intelligent lifestyle. At the same time, users long to free themselves from the tyranny of power cables to enjoy the convenience and freedom of going wireless. An all-new charging experience began to take shape in 2012 when major mobile-phone brands such as Nokia, Apple, LG, and Samsung made wireless charging a highlight of their next-generation products. According to the WPC website, over 400 products have now received Qi certification, ranging from components to charging devices.

At the Qingdao WPC global conference, progress was made in regard to the certification of medium-power testing tools. Low-power test items were also extensively discussed by delegates. Existing wireless-charging standards will gradually move from low-power charging to encompass medium- and high-power. Eventually, wireless charging will not be limited to IT products, but will also include heavy-duty products such as kitchen appliances. The continued expansion of wireless-charging applications will bring boundless business opportunities for Qi-certified products.

TUV Rheinland established the first third-party Qi conformity testing lab in Taiwan in 2011. More than 80 percent of today’s Qi-certified products were tested and certified by TUV Rheinland. Due to the continued growth of the market and customer demand, TUV Rheinland labs in South Korea and Shenzhen have also been recognized by WPC as authorized Qi-testing labs. TUV Rheinland has now established a comprehensive service network to provide customers in Asia and around the world with Qi-conformity testing and certification services.

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