Anton/Bauer MPS Features Mobile Power Solutions

Anton/Bauer’s HotSwap and SmartSwap systems provide healthcare professionals with nearly 100 percent uptime, minimizing common challenges, such as dead batteries or locating available plug-in power on short notice. Both systems employ Anton/Bauer DIONIC Logic Series batteries, InterActive chargers technology and Gold Mount adapters, allowing caregivers to meet or exceed workflow requirements. This enables a caregiver to focus their efforts on caring for their patients. When configuring a mobile power system, caregivers can select the DIONIC Logic Series battery of their choice: the DIONIC 270 (which is now UL 2054 certified), DIONIC HD or DIONIC HCX.

Powered by Anton/Bauer Logic Series batteries, the HotSwap system allows batteries to be swapped on the fly without having to shut down the equipment being powered. This allows caregivers to continuously employ the cart with one charged set of batteries while the other set of batteries is recharging. The HotSwap system also provides medical facilities with a budget-friendly solution: Rather than replacing an entire cart or battery system, caregivers can update individual batteries and/or chargers one piece at a time. There is no need to purchase a new system. Avoiding this expense can help keep hospital costs down.

In an effort to provide the medical industry with a high-quality, mobile power system that eliminates poor run-times and other frustrations that are common among caregivers, Anton/Bauer MPS has also developed the SmartSwap Mobile Power System. This hybrid system is designed to power mobile workstations or vital signs equipment for an entire shift, eliminating the hassle of dead batteries or racing to an outlet before the computer shuts down.

As with the HotSwap, the SmartSwap can provide caregivers with nearly 100 percent uptime. The SmartSwap easily mounts to any COW, WOW or vital signs equipment and is designed to either be plugged-in to charge when stationary or hot swap it when on the move. With the addition of optional desktop or wall-mountable chargers and additional batteries, the caregiver can achieve 24/7 uptime without having to wait for batteries to charge.

In addition, the SmartSwap’s power charger operates as a D/C power supply, once the caregiver has connected and turned on the medical device’s technology. This unique system functions by separating the Gold Mount device from the power supply. This allows a caregiver to simultaneously charge a battery and power the on-board computer devices. Proven to be a wise investment, the SmartSwap can also replace any base power cart, as it can  be retrofitted to existing carts.

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