Enphase Energy Enters into Energy Storage Business with AC Battery

Enphase Energy, Inc. has released its Enphase AC Battery, an advanced energy storage solution with a modular, plug-and-play storage device fully integrated with the just-introduced Enphase Energy Management System. Based on a distributed architecture, the AC Battery is a safe, reliable and easy-to-install storage solution, designed for residential and commercial applications. The modular battery provides system owners with the ability to store solar energy for nighttime or future use, optimizing solar power consumption and giving owners greater energy independence.

The AC Battery and Enphase Energy Management System will provide new opportunities for the company’s strong sales channels. As part of the AC Battery rollout, Enphase has engaged several installation companies for pilot projects, including Lennar Homes, Hawaii Energy Connection and Vivint Solar in the U.S.; Pretty Green Energy, CJ Solar and Domuneo in Europe; and Metro Solar in Australia.

Enphase has selected ELIIY Power, a Japanese battery manufacturer backed by Daiwa House, as the chemistry provider for Enphase AC Battery. Daiwa House is Japan’s largest homebuilder. ELIIY Power is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of large-sized stationary batteries, putting safety above all else.

“We believe the intelligent combination of solar power and storage will be an increasingly important energy solution for the world,” said Hiroichi Yoshida, president of ELIIY Power. “We are so honored and excited about our partnership with Enphase, which is a testament to our batteries’ performance and safety. The combination of our leading battery technology with Enphase’s leading power electronics creates a truly innovative storage solution. We welcome the opportunity to deliver volume quantities of our high-quality batteries and to work together with Enphase to become a global market leader.”

The Enphase AC battery, equipped with the S-series microinverter, will provide 1.2 KWh of energy storage and 275W/550W power-output. Scalable and easy to install, the battery can also be monitored and controlled with the Enphase Enlighten software interface. The Enphase Energy Management System, including the Enphase AC Battery, will be available through authorized distribution channels in the second half of 2015.