New Battery Products From Labelmaster, Fujitsu Components, Falcon Electric And More

August 2, 2019 | New products in battery safety packaging, battery chargers in plug-in hybrid vehicles, lithium-sulfur aircraft batteries, and more.

Labelmaster has expanded its line of Obexion packaging engineered specifically for shipping and storing lithium batteries and devices that contain them. In addition to Obexion Max, Labelmaster’s original Obexion product, the company has added Obexion Express, a single-use model for shipping individual lithium battery devices by ground; Obexion Recycler, which provides compliant fire retardance for any and all batteries being shipped for recycling or disposal; and Obexion Vault, an armored, multi-use receptacle designed for lithium batteries and devices that have gone into thermal runaway or are at high risk. Press Release

Fujitsu Components America is sampling a 6.6kW (32A-250VAC) switching automotive relay for on-board battery chargers in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (EV/PHV). Volume production is expected to begin in March 2020. The FTR-K5 is a 1 Form A PCB relay series that assists with faster EV/PHV battery charging while also meeting automotive vibration and shock resistance specifications. Moreover, its 105degC temperature rating and 8mm insulation distance between coil and contact exceed those of any currently available power relay in this class. The relay features a 5,000VAC withstand voltage between coil and contact and 1,000VAC between adjacent contacts. Despite its low, 900mW power consumption, the relay can sustain a 40A continuous power supply (without switching). The FTR-K5 series is available in either a flux-free or plastic-sealed enclosure. With a life of 30,000 operations, the flux-free type is recommended for sealed charger units. The plastic-sealed type has a higher resistance to dust and exhaust gas, making it suitable for non-sealed charger units. Press release

OXIS Energy and Bye Aerospace are collaborating on a Lithium-Sulfur advanced battery cell for the high voltage battery pack system to be considered for Bye’s future electric aircraft.  These cells will achieve the higher energy density required for such aircraft. The project will commence in September 2019. In ground tests in Europe, OXIS has already shown that Li-S has demonstrated a significant improvement in simulated flight duration compared with Lithium NMC; it will now undertake a further series of tests which will provide a robust indication of the OXIS Li-S performance. Over the next 18 months, the aim is to move towards the production of commercial cells and battery systems in order to meet the volume roll-out criteria set by Bye Aerospace. Press release.

Falcon Electric has launched its new SSG-RP-1H models that protect military and industrial systems in extreme temperature environments against power problems. The new 800VA to 2kVA extreme temperature models are an option to Falcon’s SSG-RP models and are UL recognized to operate reliably in -40°C to 70°C (-40ºF to 158ºF) environments. Like the SSG-RP, the optional 1H models feature ruggedized components that lower total cost of ownership by dramatically reducing servicing and downtime. Falcon’s new SSG-RP-1H is an extreme-temperature online UPS with ruggedized features specifically designed for applications in harsh environments that are subjected to heat, dirt, dust, moisture, etc. The rackmount models are tested and designed with robust components and materials. The SSG-RP-1H operates reliably from -40°C to 70°C, has standard environmental protection features and includes extreme-temperature batteries capable of minutes to many hours of runtime. This new UPS has a long service life in very demanding applications and dramatically reduces downtime. Press release.