May 2014

  • Required or Recommended: Understanding Battery Maintenance Standards for Critical System Protection
  • For Lithium Ion Batteries, Growth Is a Game Changer
  • The Sound You Hear is Completely Normal
  • Power Banks: Portable Back-Up Battery Power for Consumer Electronics – Global Compliance
  • The Lithium Battery Saga Continues with Additional Restrictions to Come in 2015
  • Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells
  • Power Japan Plus Reveals New Ryden Dual Carbon Battery
  • Omron’s Battery Connector for Mobile Devices
  • IR Expands StrongIRFET Family with 60 V MOSFETs Featuring Ultra-Low Rds(on) for Industrial Applications
  • Johnson Controls and UW-Madison Join Forces to Test New Battery Technology
  • Eos Energy Storage Showcases Battery Technology at Grand Opening of New York’s BEST Test and Commercialization Center
  • Trinity Capital Investment and CapX Partners Team Up to Close a $20 Million Venture Debt Loan to Advanced Battery Manufacturer Aquion Energy
  • Flexible Battery, No Lithium Required

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