April 2014

  • Next-Generation Batteries: Problems and Solutions
  • Understanding Battery Lifespan to Avoid Data Center Downtime
  • PRBA to Pursue Changes to Secondary Cell Export Controls Under Wassenaar Arrangement
  • Wireless Power: Getting Down to Business
  • AEG Power Solutions Launches a Wireless Battery Management System for Large Energy Storage Installations
  • StoreDot’s Next Generation Smartphone Battery Fully Charges in 30 Seconds
  • HRDT Series
  • Anton/Bauer Introduces New Digital Battery and Performance Charger Series
  • Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles Will Surpass $26 Billion in Annual Revenue by 2023
  • WiTricity and Protonex to Bring Wireless Charging to the Front Lines
  • GE Announces Interoperability Convenience for EV Drivers with Open Access to WattStation Connect Software Platform

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