August 2014

  • Power System Protection Through Monitoring and Remote Services Improves Availability
  • Changing Focus of Battery Chargers for Differing Battery Chemistries
  • Vermont Passes Primary Battery Recycling Legislation; Other States to Consider Similar Legislation in 2015
  • Purchase the Battery Power 2014 Conference Proceedings
  • New Lithium-Ion Battery Converter/Charger
  • Cell-Con, Inc. Releases Off-the-Shelf Smart Li-Ion Batteries
  • Smart Carbon Batteries Designed to Improve Battery Performance in Partial State of Charge
  • IDT Announces 2-Watt Wireless Power Receiver for Wearable Devices
  • ON Semiconductor Introduces Integrated Lithium-ion Battery Protection Controller for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Arbin Releases the High Channel Count Battery Tester
  • Panasonic and Tesla Sign Agreement for the Gigafactory
  • MIPI Alliance Enhances its Battery Interface Specification with “Smart Battery” Capabilities for Mobile Devices
  • US Department of Transportation Issues New Standards to Improve Safety of Lithium Battery Transportation


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