December 2014

  • Achieving ‘Charge Quality’ for Lead Acid Batteries in Industrial Motive Applications
  • The Changing Regulations Pertaining to the Transportation of Lithium Batteries
  • Alber Delivers the Battery Monitoring Solutions
  • Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells
  • Emerson Network Power Expands Its Battery Testing, Maintenance and
  • Replacement Services for Utility and Industrial Customers
  • Lithium Ion Supercapacitor Energy ActionSystem for Applications Requiring High Power and High Energy Storage
  • Arnold Magnetic Technologies Introduces BESThin Materials for Improved Energy Storage
  • Air Cooling Options for Industrial Lithium Battery
  • Anton/Bauer Elora Modular Battery System
  • Lengthening the Life of High Capacity Silicon Electrodes in Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
  • Battery Powered Tram Sets 24-Hour World Record Distance on a Single Charge
  • Bourns Acquires Komatsulite Mfg. Co., Ltd
  • Battery Solutions Receives R2/RIOS Certification

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