TideSmart Global Installs Electric Car Charging Stations

TideSmart Global, a collective of creative businesses focused primarily on experiential marketing, has completed a first-of-its-kind solar-powered public electric vehicle charging station located on its Falmouth corporate campus.

On Monday, September 17, TideSmart opened the charging station for public use, making it available to business neighbors (approximately 300 professional workers within a quarter mile in Falmouth), community members, friends and family.

The 208-volt charging station, powered by solar panels, will charge a vehicle nearly eight times as fast as a standard outlet, providing convenient on-the-go service for an increasingly environmentally aware community. For example, the station can recharge the batteries of the Ford Focus Electric Vehicle in just over three hours. It can supply power for all electric cars and plug-in hybrids that use a standard connection, pulling energy from TideSmart’s rooftop solar panels.

This plug-in initiative adds to TideSmart’s existing green efforts, which inspire all aspects of its business. The 6-acre corporate campus features 350 square feet of solar panels that power 40 percent of the campus, LED exterior lighting, radiant heating and many other LEED elements.

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