GE and Xtreme Power Form Alliance to Deliver Energy Storage for the Grid

GE Energy Storage and Xtreme Power have formalized a strategic alliance to work together to provide energy storage solutions.┬áThe alliance combines GE’s Durathon battery technology for grid energy storage systems and Xtreme Power’s extensive experience as an integrated energy storage turn-key solutions provider. The new GE Durathon battery products, which can last up to ten times longer than conventional lead acid batteries and store more energy in half the space, are the result of a $100 million initial investment in battery technology developed at GE’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY.

GE’s Durathon battery technology, when paired with Xtreme Power’s Xtreme Active Control Technology (XACT), should enable safer and highly efficient storage of massive quantities of electricity at low cost for grid applications. XACT is a proprietary control system architecture that offers control algorithms, real time response, remote monitoring and optimized power management. Together, GE and Xtreme Power expect to tap a global segment looking for effective and efficient energy storage on the electric grids of the world, both old and new.

“Teaming up with Xtreme Power provides customers in the energy space access to turn-key solutions based on breakthrough Durathon battery technology,” said Prescott Logan, General Manager of GE Energy Storage. “Our combined team’s proven experience in integrating energy storage technologies with power conversion systems and the grid, as well as installing and operating multi-megawatt energy storage systems will bring real life-cycle value to our customers.”

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