Navigant Research Webinar: The Lithium Ion Inflection Point

Tuesday, November 5th
2:00 pm EST

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First developed in the late 1980s as an energy storage solution for consumer electronics devices, lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries have since grabbed majority market share in a number of battery applications, including electric vehicles, stationary energy storage, portable devices, and power tools.  However, the lithium ion age is still in its infancy.  Global demand for Li-ion batteries is set to explode, thanks to cost reductions and improvements in the chemistry’s costs, energy density, performance, and safety.

Featuring senior research analyst Sam Jaffe along with Stephen Kelley, senior vice president of sales at Green Charge Networks, this webinar will look at the current lithium ion market from both a supply and demand perspective, and will provide new Navigant Research data that reveals where the market is headed.  Additionally, the presentation will explore pricing dynamics, supply chain developments, and key players in the Li-ion industry.


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