Xtorm Launches Power Pack for iPhone 6 Plus

xtormXtorm, manufacturer of mobile charging devices, has launched a charger and protective case in one for the iPhone 6 Plus: Xtorm Power Pack for iPhone 6 Plus. More and more people are depending on their smartphone. An often returning problem is that the battery of the mobile phone is running out of juice very quickly, after a couple of hours of usage there is no more power left in the smartphone. Unfortunately,  often this is the case when you want to take that nice picture, or if you want to call someone to inform that you are going to be late for an appointment.

The Xtorm Power Pack for iPhone 6 Plus is a multifunctional protective case for the iPhone 6 Plus. Besides the protection of the smartphone, this power case is, because of the built-in battery, also suitable to charge the battery of the iPhone 6 Plus.

One press of a button activates or stops the the charging process. The 4,000 mAh li-ion battery doubles the battery power of the iPhone 6 Plus. The LED indicator on the backside of the charger shows how many energy there is stored in the Power Pack.