Batteries Get a Power Boost from Dreamweaver Separators

Battery manufacturers in North America and Asia are testing new nanofiber-based battery separators by Dreamweaver International, Inc. Lithium ion batteries made with Dreamweaver separators can deliver four times the power and recharge four times faster than conventional batteries.  Dreamweaver separators can also make batteries more safe by providing higher temperature stability and better electrolyte wettability.

Lithium ion batteries are stressed at higher temperatures and when there is a dry spot inside a battery, problems that are alleviated by Dreamweaver’s separators. The technology is being applied in batteries for cell phones, laptops, electric bikes, hybrid and electric automobiles and other applications for high performance rechargeable batteries.

The technology uses a combination of nanofibers and microfibers. The microfibers provide strength and loft, which is needed to give the best electrical flow through the battery. The nanofibers allow the separator to be made very thin and still keep the electrodes apart. Together, they give performance that cannot be achieved any other way, with a flexibility that allows the separator to be tailored to meet the needs of specific applications. Samples are being tested by more than two dozen companies in the US, Canada, Korea and China.

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