Coretec, Evonik Announce Supply Partnership For Liquid Silicon

By Battery Power Online Staff

July 10, 2020 | Yesterday the Coretec Group and Evonik Industries announced a supply partnership. Through the partnership, Coretec will work with Evonik to produce batches of Cyclohexasilane (CHS)—a new form of amorphous liquid silicon that can create cost effective next-generation EV & grid-grade batteries. The batches will be available for customer use by the end of Q4 2020.

Using CHS to create silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries, it’s possible to not only increase capacity for longer drives or additional renewable energy storage, but it can also make batteries more amenable to fast charging and more cycles without degradation, all by managing battery swelling.

“We are excited to work with such a renowned and established world leader in the specialty chemical space to create the first quantities of our CHS liquid silicon technology,” said Michael Kraft, Chief Executive Officer of The Coretec Group, in the announcement. “This partnership represents a key milestone in our continued push for commercialization and is an important step in transitioning CHS from the lab into next generation technologies. We look forward to working with Evonik and continuing to progress our discussions surrounding next steps for CHS manufacturing, its in-country distribution requirements, and the customer service needed to grow sales and revenue.”

The Coretec Group, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, uses a portfolio of silicon-based and volumetric display materials to pursue commercial development of products in energy-focused verticals such as energy storage, solar, and solid-state lighting, as well as printable electronics and 3D volumetric displays.

Evonik is a German specialty chemicals company employing over 32,000 individuals in more than 100 countries around the world, and generated sales of €13.1 billion in 2019