NorthStar Unveils Premium Telecom Blue + Battery

NorthStar’s premium AGM Blue + Battery delivers fast recharging and high PSOC cyclic performance, for long life on unstable power grids, and fuel savings when used with hybrid telecom power systems.

The Blue + Battery features increased capacity based on the success of NorthStar’s original Blue Battery. In regions with demanding grid conditions the original Blue Battery survived up to four times longer than standard AGM batteries due to its fast recharge and its capability to operate in partial state of charge (PSOC). The Blue + can deliver even more power.

The Blue + has an operating temperature range of -40°F to 150°F, because of its design and high modulus Polyphenylene Oxide (PPO) plastic casing. The Blue + is available in three configurations: 100 Ah and 170 Ah front terminal 12 V and 400 Ah top terminal 2 V. All NorthStar batteries are manufactured in the US and designed to meet the toughest environmental requirements.

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