NorthStar Battery Goes Heavy Duty with the 8DK

NorthStar Battery has released the SMS-AGM 8DK heavy duty battery. 8D batteries are designed for extreme heavy duty starting and marine applications such as buses, luxury yachts or UPS diesel generator applications.

The NorthStar 8DK features a kitset design, which allows one-person installation, something that’s impossible with prebuilt 8D batteries.

“Understanding our customers’ needs and thinking outside the box allowed our team to create a patent pending design that has simplified battery installation,” says John Semeniuk, vice president SLI, NorthStar Battery. “The 8DK weighs in at over 187 lbs when assembled the kit design eliminates the need for a two man team to install.”

Made in the USA, the NorthStar 8DK can deliver 3,125 pulse cranking amps, with a reserve capacity of 500 minutes.

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