Quad Industries is New Licensee for Manufacturing Enfucell SoftBattery

Enfucell is a new license partnership with Quad Industries. Enfucell is building a partner network for offering suitable manufacturing capability for various volumes and customer requirements. Quad Industries is able to print a full range of custom designed and integrated batteries at their production plants in Belgium and Slovakia. In addition to screen printing they also master electronic component assembly on flexible foils. Based on their extensive know-how in graphic, electronic and mechanical design, they are able to help customers with their product development needs.

Enfucell is a customized battery supplier to printed electronics industry. The company has developed SoftBattery, a thin, flexible and eco-friendly printed power source. Its business model is based on licensing the battery technology. SoftBattery can be utilized optimally in disposable products which benefit from the thin and flexible form factor. Main application areas include transdermal delivery systems, medical and healthcare products, as well as logistics solutions. Enfucell has licensees currently in Belgium, China, Slovakia, Spain, UK and USA. Enfucell’s engineering team is providing product development services and prototyping of SoftBattery powered devices in Vantaa, Finland.

Quad Industries is active in printed electronics, which is a platform technology based on the combination of light-weight, flexible materials and cost-effective production processes. By means of highly accurate screen-printing techniques and automatic component assembly, they create smart labels on various substrates such as flexible films, textiles and paper.