October 2013

  • The Lithium Ion Inflection Point
  • Highly Accurate Li-Ion Battery Simulation
  • Cadex Electronics, Inc.
  • Johnson Controls Launches VARTA Powersports Batteries in North America
  • New Ultra Low Profile Coin Cell Holders Introduced
  • Tadiran Develops Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Cells for Remote Wireless Applications
  • Advanced Design 9 Volt Battery Straps
  • The Netzsch High Temperature Coin Cell Module on Multiple Mode Calorimeter (MMC) 274 Nexus
  • The EV Charging Station by Poulsen Hybrid
  • Battery Electrode Materials Based on Layered Sodium Titanates
  • US Battery Aids Michigan State Police in an Operation to Apprehend Battery Thieves
  • Solid-State Battery Developed at CU-Boulder Could Double the Range of Electric Cars

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