March 2012

  • Lithium-Ion Battery-Emulation Circuit Using a Microcontroller Microchip Launches 8-bit
  • Microcontrollers with Integrated Configurable Logic in 6- to 20-pin Packages
  • Cabot Launches Performance Additive for Advanced Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Eltek Ramps Up Battery Distribution Fuse Bay to 4,800 A Total Current Capacity
  • 15W I²C Power Manager Charges LiFePO4 Cells at 3.5 A for High Power Density Portable and Battery Back-up Systems
  • 2 kW/600 VDC Industrial Grade PFC-Input Battery Charger
  • Exide Technologies Introduces Extreme Power 1000
  • TE Circuit Protection’s MHP Technology Now Offers Smart Activation Feature
  • Envia Systems Achieves World Record Energy Density for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • West Coast Electric Highway Helps Kick the Gas Habit with First Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Stations Along Interstate 5
  • Siemens Supplies Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging to Veterans Affairs Facilities

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