Saft Batteries Provide Critical Backup to Crim Sales & Engineering for Utilities

Saft has been awarded a contract by Crim Sales & Engineering, Inc. Under the contract, Saft has already delivered nearly 30 lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery systems to provide traditional power generating units deployed at a major Southeast utility with critical backup for process controls.

Crim Sales & Engineering was the first US Standby customer to utilize Saft’s battery technology, Intensium Flex, in their AC/DC UPS power supply. This specific power supply was custom designed with Saft’s battery solution for a major Southeast Utility. The Intensium Flex range of Li-ion solutions for industry offers utility end users significant advantages including internal continuous monitoring.

Saft’s intelligent Intensium Flex Li-ion battery technology based on proven Synerion modules will produce a highly reliable modular AC/DC power supply. These batteries allow operating and alarm parameters to be continuously monitored.  The Intensium Flex system provides increased efficiency by decreasing installation, start-up and operating costs as well as minimizing the amount of necessary preventive maintenance.

The Intensium Flex battery technology, delivered by Saft, will provide a nominal voltage of 125 Vdc backup power for a mix of AC and DC loads. The system has a total nominal power rating of 7.5 kW in two-hour modular backup increments and has an energy content of 15 kWh.

Each Saft Intensium Flex system is equipped with two parallel strings, each comprised of five modules in series with a battery management module (BMM). The entire battery is managed by a master battery management module (MBMM). The battery utilizes Crim Sales & Engineering’s advanced switch mode power conversion system to back up a major Southeast Utility’s AC and DC loads.

“The agreement with Crim Sales & Engineering highlights a continued demand for Saft’s Intensium Flex technology as a reliable and efficient solution for utility customers. The Saft Intensium Flex solution provides a system with 3X the energy density requiring 1/3 the space allowing the critical scrubbers to continue operating for longer periods than traditional battery technology,” said John Adeimy, vice president Sales & Marketing, Saft America, Inc. “Saft’s dedication to advancing Li-ion technology for the utility industry will bring cost-savings to end-users. We are appreciative of the opportunity to continue our mutually beneficial relationship with Crim Sales & Engineering and look forward to growing our presence in the utility marketplace.”

The Intensium Flex system has the potential to generate significant growth in the US utility markets in the future.