Enevate Reveals eBoost Feature for Li-ion Batteries with HD-Energy Technology

Enevate Corp. has announced  its  eBoost feature for their batteries with HD-Energy Technology.  Enevate’s HD-Energy Technology  delivers up to 25 percent higher energy density for everyday use in smartphones, tablets, ultra-thin/hybrid notebook PCs and wearables. With the eBoost feature activated, Enevate batteries now have up to 50 percent more total battery capacity versus a conventional battery of the same size.

Enevate’s  eBoost feature allows a mobile device that is running low on battery capacity an on-demand option to access an additional 25 percent reserve capacity available in the battery. For example, an Enevate battery with HD-Energy Technology can deliver 4,000 mAh capacity compared to an identical sized conventional Li-ion battery of 3,200 mAh capacity, both with a 3.3 V shutdown voltage where the device’s fuel gauge would normally show empty. When the eBoost feature is activated, up to 25 percent additional capacity in the battery below the 3.3 V shutoff voltage would be allowed to discharge for a total of 4,800 mAh.

“This Enevate eBoost product feature is like having the capabilities of an external USB power pack, but having it fully integrated and immediately available without increasing the size of the mobile device,” said Jarvis Tou, executive vice president of Marketing and Products at Enevate. “Applications also include automatic boosting of the available battery capacity for urgent situations where extended battery life is demanded, such as remote GPS location tracking or emergency calls.”

Enevate’s HD-Energy Technology provides higher energy density Li-ion batteries by utilizing a novel silicon-dominant composite anode film that has four times the energy density of conventional graphite anodes commonly used. This enables cell designs  up to 700 to 800 Wh/L core energy density. The eBoost Feature can increase this to more than 900 Wh/L.