Re-Tron Technologies to Save Industrial Battery End Users in Costly Downtime and Service Interruptions

“Got battery back-up?” That’s the question the service team from Re-Tron Technologies asks its data center, facilities management, electrical contractor and utility customers throughout the New York metro and tri-state area when they review emergency plans. Many high-tech centers that require power to service customers don’t have sufficient back-up battery power to sustain normal operations during a power outage.

Re-Tron Technologies, based in a climate-controlled, 33,000 square-foot warehouse in Carlstadt, NJ, carries thousands of fresh, factory-direct batteries for a variety of applications from well-known industrial battery brands: C&D Technologies, Leoch, EnerSys, East Penn, Fiamm, Crown Battery, GNB, Sigmastek and others.

Re-Tron is known for launching a new concept in the battery market, where manufacturers have traditionally controlled the distribution of their products to the end user. Re-Tron created a heavily inventoried forward-stocking warehouse that maintains critical batteries from multiple manufacturers closer to customers for immediate availability. This rapid turnaround saves customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly downtime and minimizes service interruptions for end users.

“We’ve always had strong connections with global battery manufacturers,” said Re-Tron’s Vice President of Stationary Power John McGovern. “When we told them that we’d take thousands of their batteries into our climate controlled warehouse for distribution and maintain their products closer to where customers need them, they were very interested. We have become an extension of their inventory management.”

Having pioneered this  battery distribution concept, Re-Tron has seen sales expand dramatically and has hired additional industry experts with specialized experience in battery market application sectors, including data centers, telecommunications, utilities and transportation.

Most consumers’ experience with batteries is looking through a household drawer for spare batteries for a remote control or flashlight. The batteries Re-Tron distributes, by contrast, provide critical support to the infrastructure that makes modern society work.

Re-Tron stocks industrial batteries applicable to both the stationary market (data centers, telecomm, and utilities) as well as the motive market (batteries powering fleets, RVs, forklifts, starting up generators, etc.). In business since 2011, Re-Tron has customers throughout the eastern United States, including Fortune 500 banking, technology and energy brands.