Proven Compliance Solutions Inc. and Eagle Eye Power Solutions Partner to Address NERC PRC-005 and Real Time Battery Maintenance

Proven Compliance Solutions, Inc. (PCS) has announced a partnership with Eagle Eye Power Solutions, a provider in battery monitoring and testing solutions to meet NERC PRC-005 compliance. The current cost of battery maintenance, testing and record keeping at an entity’s substations, generating facilities and control centers can be overwhelming. By installing the Eagle Eye Solution, Battery Maintenance and Testing can become “Real Time” and in most cases will provide more accurate test results, more complete maintenance and compliance records, and greatly reduce the recurring manpower requirements which will result in lower operating costs to your organization.

Eagle Eye Power Solutions offers battery monitoring and testing solutions to meet NERC PRC-005-2 Compliance. The Eagle Eye NERC Battery Monitoring System is an all-in-one, real-time integrated solution for utilities to meet full compliance with no required maintenance activities. Eagle Eye also offers portable NERC battery testing kits & battery load banks to meet portable testing requirements. To learn more, please visit:

Battery maintenance and testing is an important part of NERC Reliability Standard PRC-005-2. A key strength of PCS is the ability to assist our clients in developing good operating and maintenance practices by providing expertly crafted procedures, identifying appropriate evidence, training compliance staff and subject matter experts, and providing guidance on the organization and retention of compliance documentation that will deliver proof to regional auditors that both reliability and compliance are being met.

Proven Compliance Solutions brings nearly 200 years of combined industry expertise to assist our clients with their compliance needs. Our staff includes two former NERC auditors, NERC certified operators, compliance managers from numerous Regions throughout NERC, cyber security experts, experts in Nuclear Plant Interface Requirements, and project managers and support personnel necessary to make our clients’ compliance experience straightforward and efficient for PRC-005-2 and all NERC Reliability Standard requirements. Our team’s experience in the generation, transmission, marketing, control systems, physical/cyber security, compliance management, industry committee participation and leadership provides our clients with a unique and knowledgeable group of individuals and sets us apart in the industry. To learn more about Proven Compliance Solutions and the services we offer, please visit