PMA Announces World-Class Global Certification Program Delivering Seamless Wireless Charging Experience for Consumers

The Power Matters Alliance (PMA), a standardization body in the field of wireless charging,  announced partnerships with three industry leading certification test labs, including Underwriters Laboratories (UL), AT4 wireless (AT4) and TUV Rheinland (TUV). The three labs will serve as testing grounds for PMA member companies wishing to certify products using the PMA standard. Certification coverage will span the globe with locations in US, Europe, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and China. This network of laboratories will support companies anywhere they are located, offering a world-class program to get products tested quickly and efficiently.

The PMA also announced that it has partnered with Averna, a National Instruments Platinum Alliance Partner and RF and Wireless Specialty Partner, to provide best-in-class automated testing equipment for certifying finished products and for validating products during development. Averna’s test solution features hardware and software from National Instruments as well as Averna’s industry-leading test engineering expertise, gained from working closely with worldwide clients in numerous industries, including communications, electronics, defense and aerospace, as well as other standards bodies.

The PMA is already pre-certifying PMA compliant receiver products that are debuting at retailers and will continue to do so while the certification tester from Averna is being developed.  The full certification program is targeted to launch early January 2014 for receiver products. UL has been selected by the PMA as the lead lab for the PMA certification program. UL Verification Services will work closely with PMA and Averna in the validation of the test tool, training of the other participating labs, and hosting PlugFests.

“As the wireless charging category matures, the need for global interoperability across multiple industries and products is mandatory to ensure accelerated market growth,” said Ron Resnick, PMA president. “Consumers want to know that they can power up their devices wherever they go, and that charging their devices works seamlessly wherever they go. It’s our job to ensure that they do. With over 1,500 wireless charging spots already installed in public and retail venues such as Starbucks and McDonalds, the PMA standard is the undisputed paradigm for wireless charging delivery worldwide.”

“Creating a quality user experience for consumers is essential for AT&T and this means making sure every detail of compatibility has been well thought out and tested before products hit the shelves,” said Jeff Howard, VP Mobile Device Portfolio, AT&T.

By AT&T asking its device suppliers for PMA-only supported handsets for their 2014 lineup, it completes a critical link in the wireless charging ecosystem. To ensure that equipped devices are fully interoperable with wireless charging spots, these four new PMA partnerships are building a world-class certification program and certification network capable of ensuring interoperability for consumers across the global wireless charging ecosystem.

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