B&W MEGTEC Awarded Contract to Supply Coating Equipment to Maker of Li-Ion Batteries

April 24, 2018 | News Brief | Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) MEGTEC has been awarded a contract for more than $15 million to design and supply battery coating equipment to K.R. ENERGY Group subsidiary FIB S.r.l. for a lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility currently under construction in Teverola, Italy. B&W MEGTEC will supply equipment for mixing systems, anode and cathode coating lines, and slitting systems, as well as general contracting and plant start-up services. The plant will produce energy storage systems for homes, businesses, and electric vehicles.

“We continue to see substantial opportunities for B&W MEGTEC in the global lithium ion battery technology market,” said Kenneth Zak, senior vice president, B&W MEGTEC. “From electric automobile batteries to home and industrial-scale energy storage, this is a robust and rapidly growing market. We thank K.R. Energy and FIB S.r.l. for choosing us for this important project.”

B&W MEGTEC’s proprietary lithium-ion battery electrode coating process uses a simultaneous two-sided horizontal tensioned-web coating method and a patented air flotation dryer. This entire coating and drying method increases efficiency and reduces waste. Benefits of the two-side coating process include improved quality, lower capital and operating costs, and more effective and efficient operation than other traditional coaters.

The contract was booked in the first quarter of 2018 and B&W MEGTEC has begun engineering and manufacturing work for the project and is scheduled to commission the plant in the second quarter of 2019.