April 2018

  • Improving Electrical System Reliability Through Comprehensive Battery Service
  • Bringing Military Medical Devices into the 21st Century
  • Exhibit Highlights from the 35th International Battery Seminar
  • PosiCharge ProCore OC Electric Forklift Charger
  • Low-Power Microcontrollers Extend Battery Life for Wearables and Other Compact Devices
  • AVX Releases T4Z Medical Series Tantalum Capacitors for Non-Critical Medical Devices
  • Lithium Werks Acquires Industrial Business of A123 Systems
  • OXIS Energy’s Lithium Sulfur Future Automotive Battery Project
  • KULR Technology to Commercialize Li-Ion Battery Safety Testing Devices Developed by NASA, NREL
  • Researchers Charge Ahead to Develop Better Batteries


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