Next Generation Battery Monitor for Telecom Carriers

BatteryInformer, a provider of battery monitoring devices to the telecom industry, has introduced the next generation of battery monitoring. The Smart-500 monitoring systems are designed to monitor telecom batteries in outside plants and central offices. The BatteryInformer alerts carriers when their batteries are reaching their end of life and needs to be replaced.

The BatteryInformer Smart-500 can be installed quickly and is easily managed by carrier operations groups. The application for the Smart-500 is for telecom sites where carriers are looking to reduce operating expenses, increase site hardening and receive alerts before battery failures occur.

The BatteryInformer is installed on a carrier’s batteries and will send a contact closure alarm when it is time to replace batteries.  The BatteryInformer Smart-500 monitors the batteries’ voltage, Ohmic value and temperature and then uses its innovative analytical technology to determine the battery end of life sending an alarm and thus eliminating the need for costly and error prone field-testing.

For approximately the same cost as a single truck roll, the BatteryInformer will monitor the carriers’ batteries 24/7, reducing ongoing operational expense of battery testing and increasing a sites reliability. When the BatteryInformer Smart-500 is purchased with Narada batteries, warranties can be extended resulting in additional savings.