Miyachi Unitek Announces Model 125ADP Dual Pulse Capacitive Discharge Welder

Miyachi Unitek Corp. has released its 125ADP resistance spot welding power supply, an advanced dual pulse capacitive discharge (CD) welder that offers improved welding performance, advanced process monitoring, and simplified user interface. The 125ADP is ideal for welding conductive materials in such applications as battery spot welding, battery tab welding, battery pack assembly and honeycomb welding.

The model 125ADP, part of Miyachi Unitek’s range of advanced dual pulse CD welders, includes a proprietary charging unit to improve pulse rise times and repetition rates. The 125ADP has a watt second adjustment range of 1-125 watts/second and a maximum pulse height of 6.9 volts.

The built-in current monitor with color display provides at-a-glance information of weld and process performance. Unique features like programmable pulse polarity and upslope enable fast, easy setup and ensure even nugget formation and electrode wear in series welding, and an excellent way of alleviating weld splash.

Other useful features, including the ability to set pulse limits, four pulse widths with fast rise times, and a quick view color screen, contribute to the 125ADP model’s ease of use and superior performance.

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