Flow-Rite Updates Flip Top Battery Watering Cap

Flow-Rite has updated their battery watering flip-top cap, Water Wise. New features include recombinant tips underneath the lid that reduce water consumption.  This is accomplished by promoting and directing condensation back into the cell. The addition of vent holes on the lid better diffuses noxious fumes.  Cap removal is easier with the new removal grip. Water Wise is now available in two lengths to accommodate the wide range of battery cell depths.

The patent pending design allows for the peace of mind denied by standard battery watering gun and cell cap technology. Water Wise limits an automatic watering gun’s nozzle depth without the aid of an O-ring or mechanical stop that requires tools to adjust. This feature prohibits interference with the mosh shield and provides reliable electrolyte levels every time.

Water Wise is durable enough to withstand demanding industrial applications. The low-profile cap, extending 0.5 of an inch off the battery, sits well below the inter-cell connectors for less chance of being accidentally dislodged. Time and training are saved by not estimating the O-ring/stop position for every watering cycle. Even if the O-ring/stop is properly adjusted, it can be moved out of place after watering many cells.

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