THINERGY Micro-Energy Cell Product Family

Infinite Power Solutions has released  its THINERGY MEC200-series family of micro-energy cell (MEC) products. THINERGY MECs provide enhanced power density and cycle life in a flexible and paper-thin form factor. With their low self-discharge rate, MECs provide a near loss-less 4.1 V energy storage solution. These MECs are reliable, inherently safe and eco-friendly. They contain no heavy metals or organic materials that lead to environmental or safety concerns, nor do they exhibit chemical instability or premature device degradation. This allows MECs to deliver performance and decades of service life.

The MEC200-series products feature a patented flex circuit encapsulation that is unique to the battery industry. There is an insulating layer on the top side of the cell for short circuit protection. The positive and negative terminals are on the same edge of the cell, making the cells easier to stack (for more power and capacity) and solder to a rigid or flex printed circuit board. When recharged over their lifetime, THINERGY MECs provide tens of watt-hours of energy. In essence, MECs are a permanent battery solution for the life of an application. They provide the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other conventional batteries, and change how the power source for micro-electronic systems is designed now and in the future.

The high discharge current and cycle life demonstrated by THINERGY MECs makes them suitable for replacing supercapacitors in many applications. When combined with ambient energy-harvesting transducers, such as solar cells, thermoelectric generators and piezoelectric materials, THINERGY MECs deliver continuous, autonomous power to wireless sensor nodes, powered cards, medical devices and other micro-power systems for decades of maintenance-free operation. As a result, these unique MEC products represent a new class of electronic component that bridges the performance gap between batteries and supercapacitors.

The first products in the THINERGY MEC200-series product family include four standard devices. Available now are the THINERGY MEC225, MEC220 and MEC201, with capacity options up to 0.13 mAh, 0.4 mAh, and 1.0 mAh, respectively. The fourth product, the MEC202, with a capacity of up to 2.5 mAh, will be available in early 2012.

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