RRC Standard Smart Batteries with Optimized Energy Density

RRC has three new standard Li-Ion SMBus battery packs RRC2040, RRC2024 and RRC2040. The energy content for two of the battery packs: the RRC2020 and RRC2024, are now optimally rated close to the 100 watt limit that exists in terms of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance. The batteries are SMBus v1.1 compliant and meet the JEITA standards (required for export to Japan). The temperature-dependent load profiles of the batteries increase safety and also lead to a maximized cycle life of the batteries. Used in combination with RRC’s battery chargers, they can be optimized and accelerate charging.

By using the Impedance Track technology, it is not necessary to manually calibrate the battery. The use of Cell Balancing leads to maximum available capacity and to longer life. The battery packs have comprehensive charge/discharge safety systems as well as passive safety electronics, and worldwide agency certification approvals, and international recycling support.

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