Global Technology Systems, Inc. Introduces Genius Batteries

Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS) has introduced the Genius Batteries. Genius Batteries are an intelligent solution for simple and efficient battery management. Millions of workers around the globe rely on mobile devices to complete critical tasks and battery management is essential to their success. Until now these workers have had little, if any, insight into the health of their batteries, leading to costly delays and disruptions including mid-shift failures and unnecessary maintenance costs. In-field experience demonstrates that standard batteries are either used beyond their useful life or are discarded with significant life remaining.

Genius Batteries deliver a deeper and more accurate measure of a battery’s health without the need for additional equipment. The measure SoH gives users greater confidence that the batteries they rely upon are healthy enough to operate full shift.
Each Genius Battery utilizes a built-in LED indicator to inform the user of its SoH at all times. As the battery is used and its health declines, the LED indicator turns yellow, informing the user that they should order a replacement. When the LED turns red, the user knows the battery is no longer reliable and should be replaced. These lights are simple to understand and indicate exactly when to reorder and replace the battery.

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