OPTIMA Yellowtop with DIN Fitment

November 1, 2017 | Product Brief | OPTIMA Batteries  is expanding its product lineup to fit more vehicles with a DIN fitment solution. The OPTIMA Yellowtop  will be available for purchase in the spring of 2018 in DIN group sizes H6 and H7. The  Yellowtop chemistry is well suited for the high-energy demands and cranking power needed in DIN applications, and the addition of new Yellowtop sizes will allow a variety of modern vehicles, ranging from late-model domestic performance to European models, to experience the power and performance of OPTIMA Batteries.

The batteries features a completely new DIN-specific design that delivers robust power, extreme recharge, and improved performance. The new offering is an addition to the family of OPTIMA Yellowtop products and delivers the same power of Spiralcell Technology. It has been engineered with 99.99 percent pure lead, highly-compressed radial grid and a direct-path cast-on strap.