FastCAP Launches a Chip Ultracapacitor

November 1, 2017 | Product Brief | FastCAP Systems has launched a board mountable chip ultracapacitor. This product offering is the first low ESR, thin-profile, reflowable ultracapacitor on the market and has the highest energy density of any board-mountable ultracapacitor.

The sealed ceramic package is pick and place compatible, RoHS compliant and Pb-free reflow compliant. The supercapacitor provides maintenance free storage in a small form factor, perfect for thin devices that require reliability and long lifetime at high temperatures (up to 85°C). This technology is well suited for applications such as power loss protection for solid state drives, power buffering for lithium-ion batteries, and auxiliary power supplies for peak and pulsed power, wireless sensors and energy harvesting.

“As a practical reflowable ultracapacitor, the FastCAP chip ultracapacitor gives ultracapacitors access to volume electronics manufacturing they never had before. Initial applications are solid state drives, but anything that requires volume manufacturing for applications in pulse power buffering is a potential market for this product,” said John Cooley, president and Chief Operating Officer.