Efficient High-Temperature Batteries

The Panasonic Industrial Battery Division offers an extensive range of Ni-MH batteries for use in high ambient temperatures: seven models cover a capacity range of 550 to 3,700 mAh (sizes AAA to C) with a nominal voltage of 1.2 V respectively. In addition to emergency power systems the fields of application for these batteries also include mobile medical devices, POS terminals and solar-powered window roller shutters. The industrial batteries are free of cadmium.

The features of the high-performance batteries in the high-temperature (HT) series include heat resistance up to 60°C during charging and low self-discharge characteristics, particularly at high temperatures. In contrast to standard Ni-MH batteries the engineers at Panasonic have improved the negative electrode and the separator of the HT models. Furthermore, a new composition of the electrolyte boosts performance.

With an optimum intermittent charge the Panasonic HT batteries excel with a service life of up to 12 years. This makes them well suited for continuous battery power supply. The batteries are available in the following sizes and average capacities HHR-60AAAH/FT (size AAA; capacity 550 mAh), HHR-70AAH/FT (AA; 750 mAh), HHR-210AH/FT (A; 2,050 mAh), HHR-330APH/FT (LFat/A; 3,300 mAh), HHR-370AH/FT (LFat/A; 3,700 mAh), HHR-250SCH/FT (SC; 2,650 mAh) and HHR-300CH/FT (C; 3,300 mAh).

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