Contour Energy’s CFx Primary Cells Offer Longer Life And Lower Weight for Rugged, Battery-Powered Military Applications

Contour Energy Systems, Inc. has introduced its Lithium/Carbon Fluoride (Li/CFx)  primary batteries for government  and defense applications. Contour’s Tunable Cathode technology that allows the cell’s fundamental properties to be fine-tuned for optimal energy and power density. Additionally, the company’s proprietary Fluoronetic fabrication technique involves novel carbon precursors, including nanomaterials, as well as new manufacturing processes to achieve long shelf life and wide temperature operation.

Contour’s Li/CFx cells and battery packs are well suited for military applications. The fact that CFx cells pack twice the energy density of other chemistries allows the weight of the battery packs to be almost halved. Alternatively, a Contour battery of equivalent size and weight can nearly double battery service life during the mission. Key military applications include ground soldier ensembles, single-channel ground and airborne radio systems (SINCGARS), night vision devices, remote battlefield surveillance and imaging systems, GPS, ruggedized notebook computers and virtually any other rugged, battery-powered application.

“Contour Energy Systems Li/CFx primary batteries are available in various form factors, including standard-size coin, cylindrical and prismatic configurations,” said Joe Carcone, vice president of Sales and Marketing. “We also offer custom-size film and prismatic types, which enable our CFx batteries to accommodate both standard sizes and customized-sized packs that can combine cells in series and/or parallel to satisfy specific application needs.”

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