C&D Technologies Releases the 4D Product

C&D Technologies, Inc. has released the UPS 12-745MRF product. The UPS 12-745MRF is the first in a series of batteries from C&D Technologies that is commonly known as the 4D product in the market-place.

The emergence of the UPS 12-745MRF, along with the soon to be released UPS 12-840MRF (4D) and the UPS 12-1000MRXF represent C&D Technologies’ recognition of the two major trends in the UPS industry; a total front-accessible battery, and a trend towards higher capacity products.

The UPS 12-745MRF is suited for data centers, network centers, industrial process control, financial institutions, hospitals and laboratories and emergency response systems. The rugged and robust UPS 12-745MRF is supported by a 10-year design life.  Rack and cabinetized systems are currently available that permit a total end-user solution.

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