Anton/Bauer MPS DIONIC 270 Battery for Hotswap Systems

Anton/Bauer MPS has announced that its DIONIC 270 battery, which has received UL 2054 certification, is now shipping.  The 270 Wh Li-Ion battery is a high-performing swappable battery, delivering up to 10 amps of power by utilizing components originally designed for military operations.

The DIONIC 270 is available as part of the company’s patented HotSwap product line that can be found in hospitals throughout the US and Europe as they power mobile medical devices including workstations-on-wheels, medical carts, patient monitoring systems and other critical care devices.

“We are pleased to deliver this innovative battery to the medical device community,” says Patrick Ney, vice president, Anton/Bauer MPS. “The DIONIC 270 is a powerful addition to our already renowned product offerings as it allows our customers to use a single battery while maintaining long equipment run times. When a hospital utilizes higher-power consuming devices or needs extraordinarily long run times, an additional DIONIC 270 can be added to provide a total of 540 WH of capacity. That’s an enormous amount of available power that provides flexibility unlike any product on the market.”

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