October 2014

  • Battery Management With an Intelligent Battery Sensor is Vital to the Success of Future Automotive Designs
  • Batteries: An Integrated Solution
  • Powering the Internet of Us
  • Expanding Technology for Advanced Battery Applications & Fuel Cells
  • Panasonic Commercializes Small One Pin Shaped Lithium Ion Battery
  • Quick Cable Announces a Safe Way to Transport Leaky Batteries
  • Bitrode Unveils High Density IGBT Formation Charger
  •  720W On-Board Electric Vehicle Lithium Ion Battery Charger
  •  Compact Fuse Allows Faster, Safer, Higher-Wattage Charging of Today’s Smartphones and Tablets
  • Consistent Innovation Secures Future of Global Medical Battery Market
  •  One of the Nation’s Largest, Most Environmentally-Friendly Battery Energy Storage Systems to be Installed at UC San Diego
  • First Water-Based Nuclear Battery Developed by MU Researcher Can Be Used to Generate Electrical Energy

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