Research and Development Trend of China’s Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Material and Battery Market, 2013 to 2017

Research and Development Trend of China’s Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Material and Battery Market, 2013-2017”, from, mainly analyzes the status quo of lithium iron phosphate industry at home and aboard, as well as price, competitive status, import, export and business performance of main enterprises; at the same time, it makes an analysis and forecast for lithium iron phosphate industry; all of these provide enterprises and investors with decision-making reference.

At present, global manufacturers of lithium iron phosphate material are Phostech in Canada, Valence, American A123, Forsmose Lithium Iron Oxide Corp. and Aleees, etc. Of which, the former three had relatively mature mass production technology. The total production capacity of Valence and A123 is about 1000 tons, although their bases are in China, they do not provide battery materials for domestic customers.

China’s lithium iron phosphate anode material industry has already been through outstanding changes with two years development in 2011 and 2012. Compared with about 100 producers in 2010, there are about 20-30 producers in operation now, of which, about 10 producers can provide mass supply. According to statistics, the annual production capacity of lithium iron phosphate estimates over 10.000 tons, but the actual output is much lower than one-tenth of the production capacity. In 2012, annual quantity demand reached 18900 tons, it had a huge gap of supply and demand.

On the whole, the industrialization and development of China’s lithium iron phosphate is in accordance with international basically. As for costs of parts of products in homeland are much lower than the counterparts at overseas, and gaps in property and capacity are not out of reach, while in homeland the leading enterprises are still not yet coming into being because this industry lacks original innovation technology as well as following the trend. Overall, lithium iron phosphate material industry has not realized industrialization.

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