Polaris Battery Labs and Carestream Tollcoating Form Alliance

Polaris Battery Labs, LLC, a prototyping and process development resource for lithium ion battery products, and Carestream Tollcoating, a  provider of precision contract manufacturing coating services, are joining forces to help customers accelerate the launch of new battery materials and technologies. The collaboration leverages the capabilities of both companies for customers interested in anode and cathode electrode development and processing, as well as new separator membranes.

Working together, Polaris and Carestream Tollcoating will help customers overcome common roadblocks to commercializing their inventions, including:

  • Generating samples for investors, customers and internal engineering evaluation and optimization;
  • Reducing time to market; and
  • Minimizing capital and operational risks in building battery component manufacturing facilities while gaining product and quality system approval.

The partnership will make it possible for Polaris and Carestream Tollcoating to help battery startup companies and material developers expedite the commercialization process. Polaris Labs is focused on providing lab scale electrode and cell assembly processing services and battery testing to companies developing core technical advances in lithium ion batteries. By utilizing flexible processing equipment and methods, Polaris can accelerate early optimization efforts, experiment with different formulations and create samples for testing and customer evaluation.

“The partnership between Polaris and Carestream Tollcoating makes sense because we offer complementary services,” said Doug Morris, CEO of Polaris Battery Labs. “Together we will serve the needs of customers from the early development phases into full production.”

Carestream Tollcoating provides contract coating services to aid in the development and manufacturing of novel battery components, including precision coating on foils and in casting advanced membrane materials. Carestream Tollcoating will be instrumental in bringing the new product recipes developed by Polaris to commercial scale-up and manufacturing quantities for their customers.

“Carestream Tollcoating utilizes precision coating methods and high-speed, wide web assets and technologies developed for other industries to bring high yield and cost advantages to the battery and capacitor industry,” said Rick Daniels, General Manager of Carestream Tollcoating. “We are proud to collaborate with Polaris in getting customers’ products to market quickly.”

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