NorthStar and CTEK Release High Performance Battery Chargers

NorthStar Battery has partnered with Swedish company CTEK to release a line of high performance 12 V battery chargers.

NorthStar Battery Chargers by C-TEK are multi-step, fully automatic primary switch mode chargers for batteries that can support fast charging. With these chargers, NorthStar Ultra High Performance batteries can recharge as discharged NorthStar battery in as little as three hours or less.

“We are very excited with this new strategic partnerships and what it means to our customers,” says John Semeniuk, vice president SLI, NorthStar Battery. “It will mean they can benefit from the longest life possible for NorthStar batteries, as proper charging can double the life of a battery.”

Unlike traditional battery chargers, CTEK chargers are designed with a focus on simplicity, safety and flexibility. The new chargers are weather resistant, with unique Supply and Recond modes, and a patented desulfation function.

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