GTS and RGIS Launch Battery Test & Replace Service for Mobile Devices

Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS), a provider in battery power for the mobile workforce, together with RGIS, LLC, an independent field auditing and testing services, has introduced a Battery Test & Replace service.

GTS and RGIS developed technology and a field service program that accurately determines the condition of each battery used in mobile devices in the workplace, and as necessary, physically removes and replaces the bad ones.

Millions of mobile professionals who rely on mobile devices to complete critical job-related tasks, are plagued by unreliable batteries. The devices are only as good as the batteries that power them. Unhealthy batteries are a leading cause of device instability, high service costs, unplanned work stoppages and unnecessary battery expenditures.
TheĀ  Battery Test & Replace service is proven to ensure optimal worker productivity, and drastically reduce mobile device service costs. The Battery Test & Replace service provides a new business process that addresses previously uncontrolled battery assets. The service is easy to implement and does not disrupt operations.

GTS and RGIS recently completed the Battery Test and Replace service for a large national retailer to help them prepare for the holiday season. RGIS deployed more than 500 independent auditors to almost 2,000 locations across the US to test batteries in several of their mobile devices. GTS and RGIS tested more than 130,000 batteries in less than a month, collected and reported 800,000 fields of data and found that more than 50 percent were no longer healthy enough to adequately power a device. Even though the retailer consistently invested in new batteries it was practically impossible to remove old batteries from operations. As a result, some of these batteries were more than five years old.

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