AEG Power Solutions Launches a Wireless Battery Management System for Large Energy Storage Installations

Batterymanagement_systemAEGPSAEG Power Solutions, a global provider of power electronics systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energy solutions, has launched a wireless battery cell control system, MoniStore-SC.BCCS, targeting battery energy storage applications.
Innovative MW battery storage systems are being used for grid support and grid building in typical on- and off-grid applications. Unlimited availability, good utilization and long lifecycle of the connected battery is a prerequisite for a reliable and economic operation of these systems. This requires not just regular maintenance and service of the batteries, but also continuous monitoring during operation.

AEG Power Solutions has developed the new wireless battery cell control system for operation with conventional batteries. The battery sensor is simply connected to the batteries negative pole. It continuously monitors the functionality of the individual battery cells by measuring cell voltage and temperature. The wireless sensors transmit all relevant parameters via the Zigbee protocol to a receiver module which transfers the data to an evaluation unit. Here it completes the information with other parameters derived from the data received (e.g. SOC and SOH) for the energy management system.

The sensors will mainly be used in large battery energy storage systems. The new system is designed for global use with lead acid or Ni-Cd batteries.

“MoniStore-SC.BCCS is an innovation that will support smooth operation of battery energy storage systems which are developing strongly. With this Battery management system, AEG Power Solutions is proud to launch a new “Grid Friendly ” component to its solutions for energy storage applications,” said Dr. Peter Wallmeier, AEG Power Solutions CTO.

AEG Power Solutions “Grid Friendly” label characterizes all the products which contribute to grid-stabilization or to smooth integration of alternative energy sources to the grid.