ICCNexergy Introduces External Power Supply

ICCNexergy, Inc. has launched its 220 W desktop power supply line, which meets EISA, EuP level V efficiency standards and delivers a full 220 W at all DC output voltages compared to current offerings in the market that are limited to 180 W in the 12 V and 18 V DC output voltages.

The MWA220 (approved to 60601) has been designed for use in motorized applications such as hospital beds and orthopedic designs, while the FWA220 (approved to 60950) is well suited for applications with high power requirements such as large displays or large LED systems.

The MWA220 and FWA220 delivers 220 W of power at 90 to 264 VAC without derating, while other 220 W desktop power supplies require a minimum of 100 VAC to be rated at 220 W and may not be able to draw a full 220 W in countries such as Japan.

The MWA/FWA220 is IPX1 rated, enabling safe use in areas where dripping water, leaks and spills may occur.  All models feature a status indication LED and are backed by a five-year limited warranty.

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