ZincNyx Energy Solutions Enters into Partnership to Deploy Zinc-Air Fuel Cell Technology

May 2, 2018 | News Brief |  ZincNyx Energy Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of MGX Minerals, Inc., has signed a Letter of Intent to partner with New York based systems integrator Digital Energy Corp. Under the terms of the agreement, Digital will install the ZincNyx battery system at a demonstration site in New York City. Upon successful completion of the first project, ZincNyx and Digital will develop additional installation sites and work to expand distribution of the ZincNyx technology.

The project will demonstrate ZincNyx’s patented zinc-air flow-battery technology in combination with an onsite co-generation plant to reduce cost and increase revenue through multiple value streams, including peak shaving, demand response, and economic dispatch. The ZincNyx flow battery chosen for this project employs a unique zinc-air chemistry that is safe for use in densely populated areas. The project will identify the operational and regulatory requirements to be satisfied for deployment in the state of New York.

Digital Energy’s choice is the zinc-air system that has been recognized as inherently safety, high energy density, and abundance of its raw materials. The other unique advantages of the ZincNyx system, such as the ability to simultaneously charge and discharge, flexibility to optimize power and energy needs, low cost of energy for long durations and modularity, further simplified the decision.