US Department of Energy Funds Ongoing Development of Advanced Battery Materials at XG Sciences

XG Sciences, Inc. (XGS) has been awarded $1 million in funding from the U Department of Energy (DOE) for continued development of its XG SiG high-energy lithium-ion battery materials. These new anode materials have demonstrated energy storage capacity of up to four times that of conventional anodes and are suitable for use in batteries for extended range electric vehicles, portable electronics and grid storage applications.

“This DOE award recognizes the potential that XG Sciences has already demonstrated with our new materials in the laboratory, and it will help fund further development of full-scale batteries with much higher storage capacity,” said Rob Privette, VP Energy Markets. “Our Silicon-based anode materials offer battery manufacturers opportunities to create batteries with much greater energy storage capacity without significantly increasing the battery size.

“This DOE funding is directed at developing batteries to power future generations of extended range electric vehicles, and also benefit manufacturers of advanced rechargeable batteries for applications like portable and printed electronics,” Privette continued. “In this two-year program, XG Sciences will lead a multifunctional research team that includes battery maker A123 Systems and the Georgia Institute of Technology, who will participate in prototype cell build, testing, and advanced characterization and analysis.”

The XG Sciences DOE funding takes the form of a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research award that followed an earlier Phase I effort. It was the result of a competitive review process under which the DOE selects the best research proposals on the basis of both scientific and commercial merit.

XG Sciences’ energy storage materials are based on the company’s xGnP graphene nanoplatelets and XG Leaf graphene sheet products. XG Sciences, Inc. is a leading supplier of graphene nanoplatelets and customized graphene-based products to global corporations serving energy storage, aerospace, automotive, industrial and consumer markets. In addition to its bulk materials, XG Sciences makes electrode materials, thermal management materials, and electrically and thermally conductive inks, coatings and adhesives.