Updates From Cyient, Quest Controls, HaikuTech

March 1, 2019 | News from the battery industry including products from Cyient, Quest Controls and more:

Cyient has launched its Connected Equipment offering.  The new service will provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and equipment owners and operators with a combination of advanced analytics, IoT connectivity and asset health monitoring that will help increase equipment reliability, productivity, and operational safety, while decreasing operating expenses. With this offering, Cyient will help its clients move from reacting to failures with costly, corrective maintenance to a proactive approach, using data for a more effective predictive maintenance process with prescriptive actions. Backed by its own best practices, Cyient’s comprehensive connected equipment strategy employs IoT technology to capture machine-to-machine (M2M) equipment data, using connectivity to bring the data together. Cyient’s data scientists design and integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence modules to analyze the data and provide real-time insights to help clients better monitor the health of their assets. Press release.

Quest Controls has released OspreyDCM, a premier power monitoring and management platform. OspreyDCM was designed for users to quickly and efficiently monitor large volumes of power equipment through a refined intuitive interface. Aggressively priced, OspreyDCM hosts a robust set of features for unlimited monitoring and alarming of PDUs, DC Plants, UPSs and other SNMP communicating critical power equipment. Press release.

Eaton has launched the 9SX UPS, providing up to 28% more wattage compared to traditional UPSs and ABM technology that can increase battery service life by 50%. Building on Eaton’s 9-series of reliable, efficient UPS solutions, the 9SX offers the robust double-conversion, online power protection needed for medical, light industrial, automation and mission critical IT applications – all together in a convenient tower form factor. The 9SX UPS also provides automated power delivery, utilizing switchable, programmable outlets without the need of a third party device or PDU; the ability to maximize uptime with remote monitoring and management; and simplified UPS monitoring with an advanced LCD interface.

HaikuTech announced its newly upgraded Demo and Prototyping Center in Doral, Fla. The facility features new equipment and expanded capabilities for prototyping and scaling up, including various tape casters, sheet blankers, screen printers, stackers, an isostatic laminator, a singulation cutter, kilns, analytical equipment, etc. HaikuTech expects the facility to enable testing at scale for manufacturers of multilayer ceramics structures (solid oxide fuel cells, solid-state batteries, MLCC, LTCC, multilayer piezoceramics, etc.).  Demo Center.