United Communications Invests in Network Service Reliability

February 8, 2018 | News Brief | United Communications, serving Middle Tennessee residents and local businesses, are beginning a multi-year process to invest in standby power technologies to improve network reliability through backup battery power solutions from Servato. United has been an early-adopter for numerous technologies, giving its communities the connectivity they need. Investments in 1,000 mile-long fiber routes and automated backup power have empowered families to feel secure and businesses to be competitive.

United Communications was one of the first providers in the area to have a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) option. On top of managing a network that stretches from Nashville to Murfreesboro, they have been able to provide broadband speeds up to 1GB. In addition to constantly improving available speeds, United Communications is upgrading backup power systems with Servato’s remote battery management software to improve their networks resiliency to power outages. United began testing Servato products in May 2017, and completed a deal for network-wide deployment this fall. Since then, United has begun to install Servato products at remote sites that serve its rural customers.

Servato enables customers like United Communications to reduce OpEx and CapEx related to maintaining backup power systems. Network Operators can have confidence that backup batteries will work when they’re needed and they will have more information to streamline recovery efforts during power outages. The value of the Servato platform extends beyond power outages to everyday network operations. Servato’s unique Adaptive Charging extends battery life, requiring fewer battery purchases, and remote management and monitoring capabilities reduce maintenance. Servato’s predictive analytics detect battery issues months in advance of critical failures and enable proactive maintenance that ensures site reliability.

Over the course of the next three years, United will retrofit sites with Servato’s patented technologies and will also benefit from Servato’s market leading innovation. Servato’s most advanced battery management system, the SPS-248 system, will be deployed next year and Servato will expand its monitoring services to include other key site infrastructure. Servato’s technology will serve as the foundation for a more reliable network in Middle Tennessee